• Do we get a discount for long term boarding?
Answer:  Yes, we offer 10% discount for a week stay or longer.

  • How many dogs do you board at any given time?

Answer:   We board up to 5 dogs at any given time. We feel that giving your dog the

               most attention while you are away is our main focus. The less dogs we have, 

               the more attention your dog gets.  Sometimes your dog may be the only dog

               boarding with us.


  • How many dogs do you have during day care?

Answer:  We have up to 6 dogs for day care at any given time.


  • What is the difference between monthly and daily members?

Answer:  Monthly members have access to unlimited day care 7 days a week and

              guaranteed overnight space without reservations.  Daily members generally

              only use day care 1-2 times per week and have access to overnight care on

              a space-available basis.


  • If my dog boards and stays for day care, do I have to pay $35 for day plus additional amount for boarding?

Answer:  No, $48 includes full day care plus overnight boarding.


  • Will you board my dog if he/she barks a lot and has separation anxiety?

Answer:  Yes, however we do charge an extra $15 per day for more difficult dogs.

  • Can new clients come take a tour before leaving our dog?

Answer:  Yes, we encourage all our new potential new clients to come take a tour of our

              home. It will only take a few minutes. Please email or call us to make an


  • Do you board pit bulls?

Answer:  Yes. We love our bully breeds! We board all breeds. 

  • Do you board dog aggressive dogs?

Answer:  Yes. 

  • Will my dog be in a kennel all day?

Answer:   No. Your dog has free roam of our home inside and outside, however at night

               we do put them in their own spacious kennels for safety of our other guests.

  • Do you charge extra for taking my dog to the dog park?

Answer:  No. We enjoy spending hours at the dog park and believe the more tired your

              dog is the happier they are.


East Bay Paws

Antioch, CA
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