Leena Buerdier
Leena has had a love for dogs her entire life. Growing up she wasn't able to have dogs or cats because her family members where very allergic. Now that she is an adult, she can't stay away from dogs or cats.

After being the day care manager for East Bay Paws for a number of year, Leena is now the the sole owner of East Bay Paws.

Dogs flock to Leena. She has an amazing gift. She has passion, patience, love, and tons of fun to give them!  Leena says "they are my kids too".



East Bay Paws boards only five different dogs at any given time. I believe it�s very important to give my clients the most attention needed while their moms and dads are away! I love being able to focus one on one attention. When dogs are placed in a new environment it�s very important to give them the most comfort possible and to make my home their home away from home! =) My focus is all on the DOGS!!!! I run my boarding business out of my single family home, and it�s comfortable, cozy, clean, and warm!! I have a nice small gated SAFE backyard for some outdoor air, and I'm remodeling my garage as a playroom for the dogs to run around in and lounge! I strongly suggest a home visit two weeks prior to your departure to get a feel of my home and the environment to make sure it works for you and your dog(s) because they ultimately make the decision if they like it here.

Why choose East Bay Paws? We take great pride in our small business and put your dogs first. We have a warm, clean, healthy, calm, and fun environment, it�s a home and not a huge facility, and your dogs will be in a cage free environment!


East Bay Paws

Antioch, CA 
(510) 306-1909
By appointment only.